Terms and Conditions of Use and On-line Sales

  1. The website of online sales ekenabay.com, hereinafter called by website or online shop, is a online sales website developed and explored by the company Look Bikini – Indústria de Confecções, Limitada, hereinafter called “Look Bikini”, with its head office at Rua das Camélias nº 22, Regateiros, Bom Sucesso, Figueira da Foz, under the single registration and VAT nº 507246209, phone nº 0035123329960 and email address shoponline@ekenabay.com.
  2. These terms and conditions of online sales use, determine rights and obligations to all people involved on the purchasing and selling process of the available articles on the website, specifically to the seller company Look Bikini and to the customer.
  3. The realization of any online shopping through this website implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions of use, and the customer also undertakes the usage of the present sales service complying with all the applicable laws and regulations in force.
  4. Any change of these terms and conditions can be carried out at any time, changing them in whole or in part, without previous notice, being the respective alterations published in this website.
  5. The online shopping customers are considered, for all intents and purposes, final consumers, subject to VAT payment (Value Added Tax), with the exception of the third-country residents living outside the European Union.
  6. The client, by registering or completing an online purchase, explicitly consents to Look Bikini the use of his personal data and electronic address as well as the address to where he pretends the order will be sent to.
  7. The client, also, explicitly consents authorization, to the Look Bikini Company, to use the data referring to his purchases and payment methods.
  8. The client expressly allows the use of such data in order to be used as a way of communication between both parts, of services, promotional or advertising campaigns or to the respective order processing.
  9. The Company Look Bikini undertakes not to supply such data to thirds, so that all the information is confidential and used only by Look Bikini in the context of the present online sales website.
  10. All the information provided by the client is designed to:
    1. Processing the order;
    2. Contact the client in order to inform him the status of his order;
    3. Communicate promotional or advertising campaigns.
  11. The client must update and/or correct their data every time he buys online and has information to update.
  12. The access to each registered client’s page is restricted and individual and granted by the use of a login and password that must be changed after the first utilization.
  13. These data are sent to the client’s email to prevent his confidentiality in its utilization.
  14. When registering, the client must provide some personal information that Look Bikini undertakes as of now to safeguard, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the provided personal data.
  15. Look Bikini will collect only the personal data provided by the client, with the purpose of managing his client’s account and billing, as prior explicit authorization, and takes a commitment to privacy and security processing and maintenance of personal data of each client, in accordance with Law 67/98 of 26th
  16. In order to protect and safeguard the personal data, according to the national and European laws of data protection, the Company Look Bikini as strict security procedures in order to prevent the inadequate use and non-authorized access to personal data.
  17. Although a protection process of data users has been developed by Look Bikini, this Company cannot be held responsible for any act resulting from anything else than its own negligence.
  18. Only employees are authorized to access personal information in order to perform their job concerning the online sales service.
  19. All contacts to establish with the user will be done through the email address that he had provided while registering, by the one he shall be reached.
  20. The unity orders will be sent to the address provided by the User when registering.
  21. In case of improper use of the website by any client, no matter the legal procedure that might be applied, Look Bikini reserves the right to proceed to the cancelation of the registration of that client.
  22. The clients of the online shop may purchase all the products available and identified on the catalogue of the store.
  23. The pictures published on the catalogue of products to sell online may not represente with total faithfulness its reality concerning colors and details. This may be a result of the mesh material, fabrics or applications used on the product preparation.
  24. The table sizes presented corresponds to the usual.
  25. The products available for sale on the website are those that the client visualizes on the respective product catalogue, with the exception of those who have the express indication of “unavailable product” and unless any breach of stock that in the meanwhile occurs in the catalogue of online sales.
  26. If that occurs, the products will have indication of “sold out” or “unavailable” on the catalogue of online sales. It may happens that the pretended product with indication of “sold out” on the website, may be available in other distribution channel or company store, to where the client can be directed to locally acquire it.
  27. If a no predicted breach of stock occurs and the client has already registered the order he will be ultimately informed by email to eventual unavailability of the product.
  28. That information will be provided to the client, at the latest at the date scheduled to the effective shipment of the order.
  29. If the order is already paid, Look Bikini shall reimburse the client of the amount paid for the product.
  30. The prices presented on the catalogue of the page of products for sale are in Euros and include VAT to the legal rate at the moment of order, further postage fees and exportation taxes to countries outside the European Community will be added for purchases of more than €75,00 (seventy five euros).
  31. The price of each acquired product has the respective individualized cost value as well as the VAT value and the postage fees costs, individually disaggregated, before final validation of the purchase made by the client.
  32. Look Bikini reserves the right to change at any time the price of any product, no client having any individual claim, for whatever purpose, due to this change.
  33. The sales price of an article corresponds to the unit price indicated when registering the purchase made by the client.
  34. The unit price by article does not include postage fees. Such costs are indicated while processing the order and before the final validation.
  35. The client is the only and exclusive responsible for the payment of postage fees, taxes and other expenses and fees or other values demanded by the country authorities to where the products are sent to.
  36. The client may freely browse the website even without being registered not incurring in any obligation of purchasing.
  37. Only registered clients can purchase, if that is their wish, no implying the use of the website any commitment to purchase.
  38. To register an order chosen through the online catalogue, the client needs to have one or more products on the shopping basket and after accessing the option “register order”.
  39. Before registering the order, the client may remove, add or replace articles on the online shopping basket.
  40. When selecting the option “register order”, the order automatically becomes registered on the system of the company, definitively.
  41. Before finalizing the order with his registration, the user may return and change it, in the payment method and delivery but, after registered, the registration becomes definitive not being possible its amendment.
  42. After confirmation of the order, the client will receive an email confirming the registration with all its details, such as: ordered articles, prices by article, postage fees and payment of any applicable taxes.
  43. The registration of the order will be archived by Look Bikini that will proceed to its processing.
  44. This order registration shall be used as a supporting document of the contractual relation of sales agreement between parties, in particular between the client and the Company Look Bikini – Indústria de Confecções, Limitada.
  45. The client can cancel the agreement if it is his wish, without having to pay a fee, by doing it to the email address shoponline@ekenabay.com within 24 (twenty four) hours as from confirmation of order received by Look Bikini.
  46. The cancelation of the order is considered valid to the company Look Bikini only when the order number and name of the client is indicated.
  47. If the client wishes to return the article(s) ordered, Look Bikini will refund the purchase, without interest, i.e., exactly the value paid by the client, but will not refund the postage fees or any other expense supported by the client.
  48. Look Bikini only supports the shipment costs and shipment returns or any other expense when and if, the article is damaged or defective or when an error has occurred on the dispatch, attributable to the company.
  49. The products acquired may be paid by the client through the electronic means available, being the costs of the chosen modality supported by the client and consequently debited at the sales document.
  50. When the payment method chosen by the client/user is the Paypal system and credit card, the products will only be sent after verification, being that, the company Look Bikini reserves the product ordered for a period of 24 (twenty four) hours, after which, in case of non confirmation of payment, the order will be canceled.
  51. All the process of payment, from the selection of payment to the introduction of the inherent data to the process of payment, is protected with security electronic tools.
  52. In Portugal, the orders are delivered, as a rule, within three working days after the date of confirmation of payment.
  53. In the Autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira, and depending on the island, the shipping time can vary between 5 (five) to 8 (eight) working days.
  54. Deliveries to any European Country and rest of the world may vary according to destiny and transport time, no responsibility shall be required to the company Look Bikini with the delay and time of delivery of the order made by the client.
  55. No responsibility can be attributed to the company Look Bikini by any delay motivated by transport strikes of the shipping method or any others, obstacles or any other circumstance for which she is not responsible.
  56. Look Bikini recommends her client to choose a delivery address where there’s always someone who may ensure the receipt of the order.
  57. The sale and deliver of the articles through this online Sales service respect the legal norms applicable in Portugal on the exercise of distance trade, in the terms of Decree-Law nº 82/2008 of 20th
  58. The client of this service has the right to claim any defect, inadequacy or inaccuracy of the ordered product, what he may do, within the legal timeframes established to this end.
  1. The customer has a delay of 14 (fourteen) days to cancel the purchase done at the website, returning all or part of the order, to which he shall notify the company Look Bikini through the address email shoponline@ekenabay.com and by registered letter to the head office of the company, without having to specify the reason.
  2. The client must send, also, the articles that he pretends to return to the address that constitutes the head office of the company indicated on point 1. of these terms and conditions.
  3. To exercise the right of withdrawn, i.e., to return the articles, the client must respect the following cumulative requirements:
    1. Restitution of all the articles with the origin labels which accompany the clothing, intact, i.e. exactly the way they were sent by Look Bikini to the client, and cannot under any circumstances be removed;
    2. Restitution of the articles in proper conditions of conservation and use;
    3. Restitution of the articles without being used;
    4. Restitution of the articles, no later than 30 (thirty) days, as from the date of reception by the client and accompanied with receipt.
  4. The returning costs are responsibility of the cliente.
  5. When verified all the requirements of sections 61. a., b., c., e d., the company Look Bikini will refund the client for the entire amount of the products acquired and returned no later than 30 days as from the date of confirmed receipt of devolution.
  6. All the content on this website is property of the company Look Bikini and so, shall not be reproduced under any circumstances, or broadcast in any media, distributed or stocked without its prior and express authorization.
  7. To these Terms and Conditions of online Sales is applicable the Portuguese law.
  8. For the resolution of any disputes arising from this website of online sales, shall have jurisdiction the Coimbra District Court, with the jurisdiction of all other Courts renounced.